v. ran, run, run•ning, n. adj.
1) to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground
2) to move or pass quickly
3) to depart quickly; flee
4) to have recourse for aid, comfort, etc.:
He is always running to his parents[/ex]
5) to make a quick trip or visit:
to run up to New York[/ex]
6) to move freely and without restraint:
to run about in the park[/ex]
7) to move or roll forward:
The ball ran into the street[/ex]
a) to take part in a race or contest
b) to finish a race in a specified sequence:
The horse ran second[/ex]
c) to advance a football by carrying it, as opposed to throwing or passing it
9) to be a candidate for election
10) (of fish) to migrate, as upstream or inshore for spawning
11) (of a ship) to be sailed or driven from a proper or given route:
to run aground[/ex]
12) to ply between places:
The bus runs between New Haven and Hartford[/ex]
13) to creep, trail, or climb, as growing vines
14) to unravel, as stitches or a fabric
15) to flow in or as if in a stream:
Tears ran from her eyes[/ex]
16) to include a specific range of variations:
Your work runs from fair to bad[/ex]
17) to spread on being applied to a surface, as a liquid
18) to undergo a spreading of colors:
materials that run when washed[/ex]
19) to operate or function:
the noise of a dishwasher running[/ex]
20) to encounter a certain condition:
to run into trouble[/ex]
21) to amount; total:
The bill ran to $100[/ex]
22) to be stated or worded:
The text runs as follows[/ex]
23) Law.
a) to have legal force or effect, as a writ
b) law to go along:
The easement runs with the land[/ex]
24) to continue, extend, or stretch:
The story runs for eight pages[/ex]
25) to appear in print:
The story ran in all the papers[/ex]
26) sbz to be performed:
The play ran for two years[/ex]
27) sbz to last:
The movie runs for three hours[/ex]
28) to spread rapidly:
The news ran all over town[/ex]
29) to recur persistently:
Musical ability runs in my family[/ex]
30) to tend to have a specified quality, form, etc.:
This novel runs to long descriptions[/ex]
31) to be of a certain size, number, etc.:
Potatoes are running large this year[/ex]
32) naut. to sail before the wind
33) to move along (a surface, path, etc.):
She ran her fingers over the keyboard[/ex]
34) to traverse (a distance) in running:
He ran the mile in under four minutes[/ex]
35) to perform or accomplish by or as if by running:
to run an errand; to run a race[/ex]
36) to ride or cause to gallop
37) to enter in a race
38) to pursue or hunt, as game:
to run deer on foot[/ex]
39) to drive (an animal):
to run a fox to cover[/ex]
40) to cause to ply:
to run a ferry between New York and New Jersey[/ex]
41) to convey or transport:
I'll run you home in my car[/ex]
42) to cause to pass quickly:
He ran a comb through his hair[/ex]
43) to get past or through:
to run a blockade[/ex]
44) cvb to disregard (a red traffic light) and continue ahead without stopping
45) to smuggle (contraband goods)
46) to operate or drive:
Can you run a tractor?[/ex]
47) to print or publish:
The paper ran the story on page one[/ex]
48) to allow (a ship, automobile, etc.) to depart from a proper or given route:
ran the car up on the curb[/ex]
49) to sponsor as a candidate for election
50) to manage or conduct:
to run a business[/ex]
51) cmp to process (the instructions in a program) by computer
52) (in some games, as billiards) to continue or complete (a series of successful shots, strokes, or the like)
53) to expose oneself to (danger, a risk, etc.)
54) to cause (a liquid) to flow
55) to fill (a tub or bath) with water
56) to pour forth or discharge (a liquid)
57) to cause to move freely:
to run a rope in a pulley[/ex]
58) spo to cause (a golf ball) to roll forward after landing from a stroke
59) to sew in a running stitch
60) to cause stitches in (a knitted fabric) to unravel:
to run a stocking[/ex]
61) to bring or lead into a certain condition:
They ran themselves into debt[/ex]
62) to drive, force, or thrust
63) to graze; pasture
64) to extend in a particular direction or to a given place:
to run a cable under the road[/ex]
65) to cause to fuse and flow, as metal
66) to cost (an amount):
This watch runs $30[/ex]
67) to cost (a person) an amount:
The car repair will run you $90[/ex]
68) phv run across, to meet or find accidentally
69) phv run after
a) to chase or pursue
b) to seek to acquire
70) phv cvb run along, to leave; go away:
Run along, little girl[/ex]
71) phv run around
a) to engage in many and varied activities
b) to be engaged in more than one romantic involvement
72) phv run away
phv to flee or escape, esp. with no intent to return
73) phv run away with
a) to go away with, esp. to elope with
b) to abscond with; steal
c) to surpass others in
d) to get by surpassing others, as a prize
e) to overwhelm; get the better of:
Sometimes his enthusiasm runs away with him[/ex]
74) phv run down
a) to strike and overturn, esp. with a vehicle
b) to chase after and seize:
to run down criminals[/ex]
c) to read through quickly
d) to cease operation; stop
e) to speak disparagingly of
f) to search out; find:
to run down information[/ex]
g) baseball to tag out (a base runner) between bases
75) phv run in
a) to pay a casual visit
b) to arrest
c) Also, run on. to add (matter) to text without indenting
76) phv run into
a) to collide with
b) to meet accidentally
c) to amount to; total
d) to become contiguous or virtually intermingled:
one year running into the next[/ex]
77) naut. phv run in with, to sail close to (a coast, vessel, etc.)
78) phv run off
a) to leave quickly; run away
b) to create quickly and easily:
to run off a term paper in an hour[/ex]
c) to drive away; expel
d) to print or duplicate:
to run off 500 copies[/ex]
79) phv cvb run off with
a) to steal; abscond with
b) to elope with
80) phv run on
a) to continue without relief or interruption
b) to add at the end of a text
81) phv run out
a) to terminate; expire
b) to become used up
c) to drive out; expel
82) phv run out of, to use up a supply of
83) phv run out on, to withdraw one's support from; abandon
84) phv run over
a) to hit and drive over with a vehicle, esp. so as to injure severely
b) to go beyond; exceed:
His speech ran over the time limit[/ex]
c) to repeat; review:
Let's run over that song again[/ex]
d) to overflow, as a container
85) phv run through
a) to pierce or stab, as with a sword
b) to consume or squander
c) to practice or rehearse
86) phv run up
a) to sew rapidly
b) to amass; incur:
running up huge debts[/ex]
c) to cause to increase; raise:
to run up costs[/ex]
d) to build, esp. hurriedly
87) phv cvb run with
a) to proceed with:
If the board likes the idea, we'll run with it[/ex]
b) to carry out with enthusiasm or speed
88) an act or instance of running:
a five-minute run[/ex]
89) a fleeing; flight
90) a running pace
91) an act or instance of moving rapidly, as in a boat or automobile
92) the distance covered, as by running or racing
93) the distance a golf ball rolls after landing from a stroke
94) a quick trip
95) a routine or regular trip
96) any portion of a military flight during which the aircraft flies directly toward the target in order to begin its attack:
a strafing run[/ex]
97) the rapid movement, under its own power, of an aircraft on a runway, water, or another surface
98) a period of continuous operation of a machine
99) the amount of anything produced in such a period:
a daily run of 400,000 gallons of paint[/ex]
101) a place in knitted work where a series of stitches have come undone
102) the direction of something or of its elements:
the run of the grain in wood[/ex]
103) trend or tendency:
the normal run of events[/ex]
104) freedom to move around in or use something:
to have the run of the house[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; (v.) ME rinnen, rennen, partly < ON rinna, renna, partly continuing OE rinnan, iernan, iornan (c. OFrisrinna, OOHG rinnan, ONrinna, Gorinnan) II
1) sbz a continuous series of performances or presentations:
a run of two years on Broadway[/ex]
2) an uninterrupted course or spell:
a run of good luck[/ex]
3) a continuous extent of something, as a vein of ore
4) an uninterrupted series or sequence:
a run of 10 winning games[/ex]
5) a sequence of cards in a given suit:
run of hearts[/ex]
6) any extensive and continued demand:
a run on umbrellas[/ex]
7) a series of sudden and urgent demands for payment, as on a bank
8) a period of being in demand or favor
9) a small stream; brook; rivulet
10) a flow or rush, as of oil or water
11) a kind or class, as of goods
12) the typical or ordinary kind
13) an inclined course, as on a slope:
a bobsled run[/ex]
14) a trough or pipe for water or the like
15) ahb. a large enclosure for domestic animals:
a sheep run[/ex]
16) anb the usual trail of a group of animals:
a deer run[/ex]
17) the movement of fish upstream or inshore, as for spawning
18) a number of animals moving together
19) mad Music. a rapid succession of notes; scale
20) baseball the score unit made by safely running around all the bases and reaching home plate
21) a series of successful shots, strokes, or the like in a game
22) cvb the runs, (used with a sing. or pl. v.) Informal
23) melted or liquefied:
run butter[/ex]
24) poured in a melted state, as into a mold:
run bronze[/ex]

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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